Spring Car Care Tips

March 22nd, 2022 by

Make sure your car gets the best care as soon as the spring starts. Here are some tips from Burritt Motors Chevrolet in Oswego, NY to ensure that the car is cared for.

Change the oil and the oil filters: This does not only need to be changed during the spring season. It is a regular maintenance care that ensures that your car functions optimally.
Check all your car fluids: When you change your oil, it is imperative that you check and change the necessary car fluids. These fluids include transmission fluid, car coolant, power steering fluid, and even the brake fluid.
Check the belts and hoses: Winter temperatures go to sub-zero, which means that the car’s rubber belts are susceptible to damage due to getting hard. Check for any damages on the belts and hoses and replace accordingly in case of any issues.
Check and change the battery: Your car cannot function optimally without a good battery. Check the battery to make sure that it was not damaged by the freezing temperatures of the winter.

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