Loading Groceries Into the Vehicle is a Breeze with the New Buick Encore

November 10th, 2020 by

What’s more frustrating than walking to the car with an armful of groceries and realizing that you forgot to unlock the trunk? You’ve got to set the groceries on the ground, fumble with your keys, lift the back door and haul everything inside. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could unlock the trunk with a simple hands-free gesture?

With the all-new Buick Encore, loading up groceries and moving boxes is a breeze. Simply walk to the back of the vehicle, kick your foot over the logo projected on the ground and wait for the hatch to pop open. It’s that easy! And if you’ve worried about thieves, the Buick Encore only opens the cargo area if you’ve got your wireless key fob in your pocket.

At your nearby RM Burritt Motors, Inc, we can’t wait for you to see everything that the Buick Encore has to offer. Stop by today and chat with one of our employees!

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